Discover a Home Away from Home!

Discover offers safety, confidence, and the promise of many fun-filled memories to our youngest campers, many of whom may be enjoying camp for the first time. The Discover program provides a nurturing environment in which campers feel comfortable and cared for while participating in a variety of camp activities with a close-knit cabin group that ensures lots of individual attention from counselors.

Daily Camp Schedule

Discover Program Brochure

Discover Activities:

All Discover campers ages 6-8 years old will attend morning and afternoon activities as a group with their cabin. These activities include:


  • Swim Lessons

    Beginner & Intermediate. Practice your strokes and turn into a fish!

Science & Technology

  • Horizons Farm

    Take care of and learn about our farm animals and garden!

  • Movie Making

    Be the next Oscar winner! Make a movie with your friends and become a star!

  • Wacky Lab

    Enjoy a new science experiment everyday and become a mad scientist.

Visual Arts

  • Arts & Crafts

    Painting, Drawing, Tie-Dye, Crafting, and More!

Performing Arts

  • Dance

    Learn the fundamentals of dancing and perform your routine at the Talent Show!

  • Drama

    Become a world class actor with Drama games and present your skit at the Talent Show!


  • Team Sports

    Enjoy a new sport every day!


  • Hiking

    Get outdoors and hike our many wooded trails in our 300 acre property adjoining the Washington National forest.

  • Nature Ed

    Learn your way around the forest with our Ultimate Woodsman, Bruce!

  • Outdoor Living Skills

    Learn the basic skills of survival like fire building and shelter building!

Camp Extras for Discover Campers:

Discover campers may add the following optional activities for an additional cost.

Horseback Lessons

What is it?
Camp Horizons owns its own horses and provides English horseback riding lessons. Campers will learn basic horse care and riding skills, including both ring and trail riding. All necessary equipment — helmets and boots — are provided. Campers must wear long pants and closed-toe shoes with heels while riding.

How much is it?
$115 for 1 week, 5 hours