Saddle Up!

Equestrian Camp, offered as both a one-week and two-week option, is for campers who love horses. The program focuses on all things related to horses including English riding lessons (up to 3 hours per day!), stable management, care and grooming of horses, methods of preparing for horse shows, trail rides throughout camp, and even taking the horses for a swim in the lake! All instruction is tailored to the skill level and specific needs of each camper from beginner (steering, post-trotting, basic pole-work, etc.) to more advanced (seat and position in canter, jumping, etc.). Equestrian Campers also have the opportunity to enjoy other great camp activities such as swimming, the zip line, evening programs, camp fires, arts & crafts, songs, skits and more!

Equestrian Campers work all week towards an end of week horse show performance. This takes places Saturday morning and is open for all parents and family to enjoy. Please be aware of this when planning transportation.



Interview with the Equestrian Director

1. How do you believe Equestrian helps kids?
I believe there are the physical advantages such as teaching balance, coordination, and stamina. It also teaches children a sense of grit and confidence that can help them be more aspirational, teach them about obstacles and also identify how to overcome those obstacles. Horseback riding teaches a different kind of team work which no other sport offers—working with their horse! This requires a certain kind of communication that helps kids become more compassionate as well.

2. Why did you choose to work with horses?
The education aspect was a huge draw for me. Horses possess a level of courage and eagerness to please that they pass on to every person they come in contact with. They also teach people the value of hard work and empathy.

3. What’s the best thing about working at a summer camp?
I love the kids who come back year after year and remember the name of every horse they rode. I also love to see the equestrian campers who memorize every fun fact about our horses; they go through the whole barn after the horse show to tell their parents about every single one. It’s always amazing to see the effect our horses and staff make on the kids.

4. What’s your favorite Equestrian Activity?
Man, I love me a good gallop across a wide open field. It’s so exhilarating! I also love the horse show we have at the end of each session of Equestrian Camp. It warms my heart to see happy kids and ponies, and proud parents.

5. Who is your favorite horse to ride?
I can’t pick a favorite! There are so many different amazing personalities and abilities in our herd here at camp. They all work so hard for me and are like my family. It would truly be like picking a favorite child!