Saddle Up!

Equestrian Camp, offered as both a one-week and two-week option, is for campers who love horses. The program focuses on all things related to horses including English riding lessons (up to 3 hours per day!), stable management, care and grooming of horses, methods of preparing for horse shows, trail rides throughout camp, and even taking the horses for a swim in the lake! All instruction is tailored to the skill level and specific needs of each camper from beginner (steering, post-trotting, basic pole-work, etc.) to more advanced (seat and position in canter, jumping, etc.). Equestrian Campers also have the opportunity to enjoy other great camp activities such as swimming, the zip line, evening programs, camp fires, arts & crafts, songs, skits and more!

Equestrian Campers work all week towards an end of week horse show performance. This takes places Saturday morning and is open for all parents and family to enjoy. Please be aware of this when planning transportation.

Specialty Camp Brochure

Equestrian Camp Parents’ FAQ


Interview with the Associate Director of Equestrian Camp


Jenny Nichols, our Associate Director of Equestrian Camp, has been working with horses for twenty years. This will be her third summer here at Camp Horizons.


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Learning Areas

  • Horse behavior and senses
  • Breeds, colors, and markings
  • Basic management (types of feed, hay, supplements, watering)
  • Stable management
  • How to halter and lead
  • Parts of the horse
  • How to groom
  • Parts of the tack and riding equipment
  • How to tack your horse
  • And many more topics!
Traditional Camp Activities

  • Large group games
  • Swimming
  • Campfire and s’mores
  • Talent Show


We also do fun arts and crafts and play games to help reinforce knowledge and concepts. Equestrian campers participate in chores daily such as giving hay and filling water, as well as some stall cleaning.  Check out the sample schedule below for more information!

Day 1

  • Camp check in
  • Get-to-know-you games and activities
  • Opening camp fire

Day 2

  • Rider placement lesson
  • Horse care/theory lesson
  • 2 riding lessons (AM and PM)

Day 3

  • 2 morning riding lessons
  • Horse care/theory lesson
  • Bareback pony games

Day 4

  • 2 morning riding lessons
  • 2 horse care/theory lessons

Day 5

  • Horse Show practice
  • Horse care/theory
  • Trail ride

Day 6

  • 2 morning riding lessons
  • Horse care/theory lesson
  • Arts and crafts

Day 7

  • Hike
  • Horizons Carnival
Day 8

  • Horizons Games

Day 9

  • 2 morning riding lessons
  • Horse care/theory lesson
  • Trail Ride

Day 10

  • 1 morning riding lesson
  • Horse Show practice
  • 2 Horse care/theory lessons

Day 11

  • 2 morning riding lessons
  • Horse care/theory lesson
  • Tie-Dye!

Day 12

  • 2 morning riding lessons
  • Horse care/theory lesson
  • Bareback pony games

Day 13

  • 2 morning riding lessons
  • Horse care/theory lessons
  • Horse show practice and prep

Day 14

  • Horse Show (9 AM sharp!)
  • Check-out