Spread Your Wings!

JOURNEY is designed to encourage campers ages 9-11 to spread their wings, discover new talents and meet new friends. JOURNEY campers can register for one- or two-week sessions (or more!). These campers are ready for new challenges and additional decision-making opportunities. They are beginning to enjoy socializing and making peer connections. The JOURNEY camper to staff supervision ratio ensures individual attention and appropriate levels of supervision while still allowing campers to practice self-expression, discover new interests, and develop leadership skills.

Daily Camp Schedule

Journey Activities Include:


  • Horse Care

    Spend time with our amazing horses learning how to groom and care for them.


    • Instructional Swim

      Beginner & Intermediate. Practice your strokes and turn into a fish!

    • Water Aerobics

      Like fun in the water AND fitness?

    • Water Games

      Enjoy classic pool games!

    • Water Polo

      Catch and throw with one hand and become a swimming master!

Performing Arts

  • Dance

    Learn the fundamentals of dancing and perform your routine at the Talent Show!

  • Drama

    Become a world class actor with Drama games and present your skit at the Talent Show!

  • Improv

    Try your hand at comedy in this off the cuff activity.

  • Guitar

    Beginner & Intermediate. Learn and practice level appropriate chords and songs.

  • Singing/Vocals

    Warm up those pipes and sing!

  • Stage Makeup

    transform through the application of stage makeup!


  • Archery

    Be like Robin Hood and shoot a perfect arrow!

  • Climbing Elements

    For beginners and advanced climbers. Ever want to be Spiderman/woman? Come to our forty foot, four sided climbing wall and go vertical!

  • High Ropes Challenge Course

    A camp favorite, traverse our cable bridges while being 30 to 40 feet up in the air! Finish with a Zip Line to the ground.

  • Kayaking

    Learn the skills of kayaking on Lake Phillipa!

  • Nature Ed

    Learn your way around the forest with our Ultimate Woodsman, Bruce!

  • Outdoor Living Skills

    Learn the basic skills of survival like fire building and shelter building!

Science & Technology

  • Horizons Farm

    Take care of and learn about our farm animals and garden!

  • Horizons Radio

    Be the voice you hear on radios! Take over as a DJ for the week, deliver camp news and play some tunes

  • Movie Making

    Be the next Oscar winner! Make a movie with your friends and become a star!

  • Rocketry

    Learn to build and shoot off rockets with your friends!

  • Wacky Lab

    Enjoy a new science experiment everyday and become a mad scientist!


  • Basketball

    Become the next LeBron James or Brittany Griner!

  • Beach Volleyball

    Bump, Set, Spike!!

  • Frisbee Sports

    Learn how to throw and catch frisbees as well as the rules for the fast paced games of Frisbee Golf and Ultimate Frisbee.

  • Net Sports

    Practice your skills on the tennis and badminton courts!

  • Soccer

    Become the next FIFA World Cup player!

  • Team Sports

    Enjoy a new sport every day!

  • Yoga

    Relax and enjoy soothing music while you learn some yoga moves!

Visual Arts

  • Arts & Crafts

    Painting, Drawing, Tie-Dye, Crafting, and More!

  • Clay Work

    Create a variety of art from plates to decorative pieces, mugs, and even jewelry.

  • Digital Photography

    Use digital cameras and learn Photoshop tools to make great art!

  • Knitting and Weaving

    Refine your knitting skills while also learning how versatile weaving is. You can take home your creations and share your new skills.

  • Sketching and Painting

    Are you ready to become the next Pablo Picasso? How about Michelangelo? Or maybe you just want to refine your stick-person skills. We cover it all in our pencil to paintbrush class.

Camp Extras for Journey Campers:

Journey campers may add the following optional activities for an additional cost.

Horseback Lessons

What is it?
Camp Horizons owns its own horses and provides English horseback riding lessons. Campers will learn basic horse care and riding skills, including both ring and trail riding. All necessary equipment — helmets and boots — are provided. Campers must wear long pants and closed-toe shoes with heels while riding.

How much is it?
$115 for 1 week, 5 hours