campers at Camp Horizons coed summer camp in Virginia cheering

Traditional Summer Camp

Ages 6-16
girl about to go horse riding at Camp Horizons, a nature camp in Northern Virginia

Specialty Camps

Ages 9-17
theatre performance at Camp Horizons, a summer camp in Northern Virginia

Partnership Camps

Ages 8-17
two men setting up an activity for campers at an outdoor camp in Virginia

Spring and Fall

Outdoor Learning & Retreats


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Types of Camps for Kids

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Hooray! We’ve reached our Goal!

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What Is a Sleep-Away Camp?

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We Are Many, We Are One.

Everyone is welcome at Camp Horizons. Located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Camp Horizons is an American Camp Association (ACA) accredited, coed sleep-away summer camp in Virginia that is consistently ranked as one of the best residential summer camps in Virginia for campers ages 6-16 years old. 

Camp Horizons is dedicated to encouraging campers to be creative and independent individuals, to develop strong teamwork skills, and, most importantly, to have fun. Our overnight camp provides campers with a safe, supportive community in which they can feel comfortable trying new things, embarking on new adventures, and developing camp friendships that will last a lifetime.