Outdoor & Adventure Camp Activities

At Camp Horizons, our wilderness activities allow campers to enjoy the beauty of nature on our 300-acre property and beyond. Our Virginia wilderness and nature camp will push the limits of what they thought possible and help them discover newfound bravery and self-confidence.


Campers will learn the fundamentals of archery and take their shot.

*Ages 9-16*

Climbing Elements

Our ropes course and climbing wall teach campers the skills of climbing and help them develop muscle strength.

*Ages 9-16*


(4th period only) Great for all experience levels, we provide all the equipment necessary to enjoy a class period fishing at our lake!

*Ages 8-16*

High Ropes Challenge

Campers will scramble their way across cable bridges while dangling up to 40 feet in the air. This challenge ends with a zip line to the ground.

*Ages 9-16*


Campers become acquainted with our local flora and fauna as they traverse the wooded trails.

*Ages 6-8 & 12-16*


Your student will skim across the water of Lake Phillipa after learning the skills needed to kayak.

*Ages 9-16*

Mountain Biking

As long as they know how to ride a bike, campers can try our miles of mountain biking trails.

*Ages 12-16*

Nature Ed

Younger campers will learn the ins and outs of the forest with the help of our knowledgeable staff.

*Ages 6-11*

Outdoor Living Skills

Campers can enjoy a sense of comfort in the wilderness by learning how to start a fire and build a shelter.

*Ages 9-16*

Outdoor Survival Skills

Students will build a rudimentary shelter to protect themselves from the elements while eating and sleeping in the shelter.

*Ages 12-16*

Pump Track

Bicycle motocross (BMX) allows campers to take one of our bikes to the pump track for a ride.

*Ages 12-16*

Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

Campers will learn to paddleboard, and make their way around the lake, participate in fun games, and even join a paddleboarding relay race.

*Ages 12-16*

Experience Our Summer Camp in Virginia

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