Performing Arts Camp Activities

At Camp Horizons in the Shenandoah Valley, we have tons of performing arts activities that will let your student take center stage. Performing helps campers at our drama camp develop a sense of confidence in a supportive setting surrounded by their counselors and fellow campers.

A Capella

Campers can team up with other aspiring singers and spend a week arranging and preparing a song to perform for the Talent Show.

*Ages 12-16*

Camp Up With People Remix

Young campers love this fun and energetic class where they’ll get a taste of the songs and dances brought to them by Camp Up With People.


Our dance classes teach your student the fundamentals, so they’re ready to perform at the Talent Show.

*Ages 6-16*


This class is filled with fun games and activities that prepare campers to perform skits at the Talent Show.

*Ages 6-16*


Whether your student is a beginner or knows a few fundamentals, our guitar class hones their skills.

*Ages 9-16*


Improv games are a fun and zany way for campers to boost their confidence and have tons of fun.

*Ages 9-16*


Campers will gain the skills and courage they need to sing in front of others.

*Ages 9-16*

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Students who love acting, drama, and all things theater will have a great time at our performing arts camp activities. Reach out to us online today to learn more about our summer theater camp dates.