Science & Technology Camp Activities

Explore various science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) concepts outside the classroom and in the real world. Our STEM summer camp activities make learning fun and exciting. Each program at our summer camp delves into age-appropriate topics.

Book Club

Students can browse our collection of books and find a great read to enjoy on their own time. Then, they can jump into a group discussion with friends or use their time penning the next great novel.

*Ages 12-16*

Dungeons and Dragons

This classic tabletop role-playing game helps campers create characters and work together in their own fantasy adventure.

*Ages 9-16*


The Camp Horizons garden helps campers develop an appreciation for growing things and a basic knowledge of veggies and herbs. They can even make their own tea from the plants they harvest.

*Ages 6-16*

Horizons Farm

Campers will witness egg hatching and milk production and interact with our adorable farm animals at the Horizons Farm.

*Ages 9-16*


Your student can find out what it takes to be a filmmaker by making a movie with their new camp friends.

*Ages 6-16*

Wacky Lab

Campers will discover the chemistry behind everyday items with a new science experiment every day including rockets and slime.

*Ages 6-16*

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