Sports Camp Activities

Spend a summer learning the fundamentals of everyone’s favorite sports games. At Camp Horizons, we teach campers about the popular sports like soccer, basketball, and volleyball plus more! Whether for exercise or fun, playing sports with their friends while at our sports camp for youth teaches teamwork, cooperation, and the importance of good sportsmanship.


Your student can gain the skills needed to be a threat on the court.

*Ages 9-16*

Beach Volleyball

With the sand beneath their feet, campers will have the confidence to get down and dirty as they dive for the volleyball.

*Ages 9-16*


Campers will learn a variety of dodgeball games, from old-school rules to silly variations.

*Ages 12-16*

Frisbee Sports

This fast-paced game of throw and catch has several variations, including disc golf and Ultimate Frisbee. Your child will master their skills as they enjoy some friendly competition.

*Ages 9-16*


(4th period only) Two teams take on the diamond in this recess classic! 

*Ages 8-16*

Net Sports

Whether your student is a tennis pro or has never picked up a racket, they will get to practice their skills on the court through both tennis and badminton.

*Ages 9-16*


Campers will work as a team and learn the value of hard-won goals by playing soccer.

*Ages 9-16*

Team Sports

Team sports encourage unity and a sense of camaraderie. Campers will love trying their hand at the various team sports we offer.

*Ages 6-16*


Students with any skill level can enjoy yoga. They will relax, unwind, and gain incredible flexibility.

*Ages 9-16*

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At camp, your student will play volleyball, soccer, and basketball while making new friends. Contact us today to enroll or learn more.