Camp Horizons Response to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Camp Horizons Families,

The global status of the Coronavirus is changing daily, and Camp Horizons is continuously listening to guidance from local, state, and federal agencies to respond appropriately. In light of the ongoing attention given to the virus, we are writing this letter to assure you that we are taking this situation seriously and that the health and safety of our campers, camper families, and staff members remains our top priority. Every summer, we work hard to keep our community healthy and safe so we can continue to share with campers an amazing summer experience and wonderful memories.

As of right now, knowing that the situation is fluid, all of our summer programs will go on as planned. That said, we will continue to keep an eye on updates and directives from state and federal authorities, including the CDC and other health leaders and will adjust if needed.

In order to continue to keep our community safe, our housekeeping team will continue their thorough cleaning process to maintain clean facilities at all times. We will continue to maintain hand sanitizer stations around camp to ensure guests can conveniently and frequently access them. We have also added public health reminders in all our common areas, and will continue to provide training to staff and campers about proper sanitization. All cleaners being used come from the CDC list of approved products that work effectively against the virus.

Before campers enter the dining halls, we always wash hands and will continue to do so. We work hard to keep all germs to a minimum in our dining halls. We also encourage them to use the sanitizer as they leave the dining hall. In our dining halls we train our staff on how to properly serve food to ensure minimal contact and follow proper sanitation protocol.

While part of camp is building friendships and sharing lifelong memories, we discourage the sharing of personal items, such as water bottles, hairbrushes, towels, and other personal items. We will continue to uphold this rule this summer to ensure a positive experience for all.

Each morning after breakfast, our campers return to their cabins to clean up for the day. Along with the daily cabin clean, we also have our housekeeping crew come in multiple times a week to replace toilet paper, paper towels, soap, and to sanitize of bathrooms and showers.

Our staff come in 1-2 weeks early for staff training each summer. In addition to our normal sessions, we will have an additional focus on sanitization, updates to these policies, and ensuring we are keeping everyone healthy.

Again, we understand that we are currently in a very fluid situation and will update you as we receive updated information. We are working to increase our health standards this summer to go above and beyond what has been recommended.

For 38 summers, we have been faced with different obstacles and have always gone above and beyond to meet the challenges set before us. Our goal is and has always been to maintain the health of our campers, camper families, and staff to make sure we are creating lifelong memories. We plan to continue these traditions. We look forward to welcoming you home for our 38th summer. Please, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We Are Many, We Are One

John, Liz, Trey, and the Camp Horizons team