Camp Horizons Swap Shop

Welcome to Camp Horizons’ Swap Shop!

We are switching up our Swap Shop Accounts this summer and we think it will be much easier for you and your camper!

Camp Swap Shop Gift Certificate Purchase Instructions:

1. Head to the our Camp Store link: Swap Shop and find the “Gift Certificates” button

2. Enter your name, email, camper name and which session they are attending. It will ask you for your camper’s email- you can put your own. We do not need this information, but the system requires it.

3. Select an amount between $5-$150 for the Gift Certificate.

4. Select your Gift Certificate Theme. Again, required by the system.

5. Enter your financial information and complete the purchase.

This will then send a confirmation to you and us with the gift card balance for your camper. At any time, you can check the balance of the gift card. Should your camper need more money, you can always purchase a new gift card by following the same steps.

Swap Shop will be open during Free Swim, Monday-Friday, from 3-5pm. Your camper can come in during that time and purchase items with the gift card balance. Please note: there is no physical gift card your camper needs. We will have their information on our system.

Should you wish to purchase physical items before camp, please contact our office to arrange purchase and shipping.

*Please note that any campers with balances of more than $10 at the end of their session will receive a refund within 30 days from the end of our camp season. The refund will be applied to the credit card used to buy the Gift Certificate.