Specialty and Partner Camp FAQs

Specialty and Partner Camp FAQs

At Camp Horizons, we are happy to offer specialized camps that focus on specific areas of learning. We also understand that these camps often give rise to questions not covered under our general camp FAQs. Below you will find information specific to each of our specialty and partnership camps. As always, please feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions.

Camp Up with People

When does Camp Up with People begin?

  • Cast A – June 26 – July 16, 2022
  • Cast B – July 17 – August 9, 2022

How do I enroll and/or get more information about the camp?

Simply go to our website: www.CampUpwithPeople.org and click on any of the Register On-line buttons. One of our representatives will be in touch with you.

Where is Camp Up with People?

Camp Up with People is located in the beautiful, historical Shenandoah Valley about 5 minutes north of Harrisonburg, Virginia, and just two hours southwest of Washington, DC. Our camp site is called Horizons at Valley Pike.

When was Camp Up with people established?

Camp Up with People (CUWP) was founded in 2011.

Where do campers come from?

Campers, ages 13-17, come from all over the United States and many countries around the world. In fact, 40%-50% of our campers come from outside the U.S. CUWP does not have a religious affiliation. We welcome campers from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Do you have costumes?

We use the same recommendations that Up with People does for the show costumes, and CUWP uses Up with People’s specialty costumes.

Do you have a band?

We do not, as we only have 3 weeks to put up a show. We use Up with People backing tracks and all solos are live.

Can my camper stay for more than one session?

Though the 3-week sessions are the same, you can attend both sessions, and there is a discount if you attend both. See our website for more information on discounts.

How many campers are in each session?

We limit each session to 50 campers so that everyone will be included and involved.

What is the ratio of staff to campers?

There is one counselor per 5-7 campers. The counselor-to-camper ratio may vary during different activities, but should not exceed one counselor for every 10 campers.

What are the dorms like?

Each dorm room has 2 sets of bunk beds and shares a common bathroom with another 4-person dorm room. The dorm has electricity and is air-conditioned. Typically the campers are split by gender into separate sections of the same dorm; however, sometimes we have separate dorms.

What are the other facilities like?

In addition to the Dorm(s), we have our own Lodge, Rehearsal Hall & Music Room. We also have our own Swimming Pool, Basketball Court, and Soccer Fields.

How are activities planned and scheduled?

Most of the activities during the 3-week session are planned in advance. However, the schedule will change depending upon the weather and the interests of the campers, and their desire to complete all they hope to accomplish. Many of our outdoor activities take place at our sister camp, Camp Horizons.

If I fly in, will someone pick me up?

One of our buses will pick you up at the Washington-DC Dulles Airport on arrival day, and take you back to the airport on the final day. This is included in the camp fee.

Please visit us at: www.CampUpwithPeople.orgfor more info and to register online, or e-mail us at Contact@CampUpwithPeople.org to contact camp staff directly.

Equestrian Camp

What is the difference between Equestrian Camp and taking horseback riding lessons during camp?

While Equestrian Campers participate in other activities such as swimming and evening programs, the rest of their activities are entirely horse-centered. This means even when they are not horseback riding they are learning something about horses! Campers who are in the Discover, Journey, or Explorer program may sign up for horseback riding lessons as one of their activities, in addition to any others that might interest them.

What kind of clothing and equipment does my camper need in order to ride?

Campers must wear long pants (jeans are fine), an approved horseback riding helmet, and heeled boots in order to ride. We can provide helmets and heeled boots for your camper to borrow during their time here. They are welcome to bring their own as well. All helmets must be ASTM/SEI certified.

How much time do equestrian campers spend at the barn?

Campers spend about 4 hours at the barn daily. 3 of those hours are in the morning and one in the afternoon after the rest hour.

How much time do equestrian campers spend riding?

Weather permitting equestrian campers ride twice a day. They have two lessons in the morning. They also may play bareback pony games, go on a trail ride, or have another lesson in the afternoon.

Do the equestrian campers help feed the horses?

Yes! We love for our campers to show an interest in helping to feed their horses hay, grain, and treats.

Do equestrian campers clean stalls?

Cleaning stalls is one of the many responsibilities of having a horse!

Do the equestrian campers help tack up their own horse?

On Monday morning, campers will get a tutorial from one of our staff on how to correctly tack up their horse, then they will get to practice under the watchful eye of our equestrian director and staff. While we want our campers to feel independent, for safety reasons each instructor will check each rider’s tack before they mount their horse.

How much time do equestrian campers spend on horse care (theory) (including horse show prep and other unmounted lessons)?

Campers spend up to 2 hours daily on theory lessons. This includes grooming and nutrition, learning breeds, colors, markings, and many other topics.

How are campers’ horses and lesson groups selected?

Along with the other forms required before coming to camp is a rider profile that gives us knowledge of your camper’s riding experience. In addition to that, our equestrian director has a one on one conversation with campers about their equestrian experience. Each rider is then evaluated on a horse for a few minutes to give the director a glimpse of their overall stature on a horse and fundamentals such as how they use their hands, seat, and legs so we can select the best horse for them. Lessons are grouped together by the camper’s current riding level.

What levels does Camp Horizons Equestrian Camp accommodate?

Our equestrian camp accommodates those that have little to no experience with horses through upper intermediate level riders. More progressed riders do not jump any higher than 2’3”-2’6” at the most. While your camper may jump higher than that at home, chances are, they are also riding a new horse and it is very important to work through the basics first to help them get to know their horses and become 100% comfortable before moving on to any more advanced maneuvers. In addition, it is important to maintain the horse’s legs by not over-jumping them and preserving them from repeated hard landings.

Do campers ride the same horses every day?

Yes. It is our goal that each child rides the same horse in each lesson so they can progress with their mount. With that said, if the director feels there is a more appropriate horse for the exercise they are going to do, or for some reason were considered unrideable. We have extra horses to meet many circumstances!

What time is the Horse Show?

For summer 2022, our horse show will be a virtual event. Our marketing team will record each equestrian camper performing their course then it will be edited and sent to you at a later date.