Camp Up With People

Camp Up with People (CUWP) & Up with People Jr.

Camp Up with People (CUWP) & Up with People Jr. (UWP Jr.) are a development partnership between Horizons Learning Foundation and Up with People. Since 2011, we’ve had over 700 campers from 28 countries, 600 UWP Jr. participants at 21 UWP Jr. locations in 3 countries, and hosted UWP’s Changemaker program in 2021 alongside CUWP and UWP Jr. Harrisonburg. (NOAH: maybe make this look fun as stats )

While COVID has created challenges for both organizations, it has also provided opportunities for the future. UWP Jr. and CUWP will continue to be a part of the Up with People family of programs. Up with People has launched the VOICES program, and our teams are working together to determine the future programs and curriculums for CUWP and UWP Jr.

About the Programs

Camp Up with People

Camp Up with People is a non-profit performing arts, leadership, community service and culturally diverse summer camp in Harrisonburg, Virginia that brings together students from around the world, ages 13 to 17, to impact and inspire the community through service and song.

While we revamp our programming, we invite CUWP campers to join us for Summer 2024 at our sister camp, Camp Horizons. Camp Horizons is alumni owned, and promotes the philosophy of “we are many, we are one.”

Up with People Jr. 

Up with People Jr is a non-profit musical arts performance summer day camp for children ages 8-12. This day camp is designed to bring children together to impact and inspire their communities through music and performance, global awareness, education, community service and summer camp fun. The camp session culminates with a high energy public performance showcasing the children’s talents, cultures, and hopes for the world.

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