We hire approximately 50 camp staff from around the globe each summer to serve our campers in  Virginia. We look for the best of the best, those that stand out among their peers. Are you interested in making a positive impact on a child’s life this summer? Do you enjoy spending time outdoors? Are you enthusiastic, hardworking, trustworthy, compassionate, willing to learn, and a team player? If so, Camp Horizons could be the place for you.

Apply today to enter our staffing process which begins each November.

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General Requirements

  • Submit an application and successfully complete the screening/interview process.
  • Successfully pass a criminal background and sex-offender registry check.
  • Obtain necessary training/certifications prior to arriving at camp as required by desired position (lifeguard, CHA, WFA/WFR, RN, EMT, etc.).
  • Work required dates, including pre-camp staff training.
  • COVID-19 vaccination is encouraged

All staff must be at least 18 years old and have at least one year out of high school.

Counselor Positions


The majority of our staff are counselors. Counselors live in cabins, teach activities, and help lead camp-wide programs. Counselors serve “in loco parentis” (in place of parents) while at camp. In cabins, this means you make sure your campers take showers, brush their teeth, keep their belongings together, clean up after themselves, and get along with cabin mates. During activities, this means you teach them new skills, help them improve current skills, teach them to be good team players, and ensure that they stay safe. You must make sure your campers are eating enough food, drinking enough water, and getting enough sleep to stay healthy at camp. Counselors are hired for their experience, enjoyment of, and teaching abilities in one of the following areas:


Swim lessons, water polo, water aerobics, water games, and more. All aquatics staff must be certified lifeguards and are responsible for overseeing all aquatics programs and activities at the camp’s pool and lake.

Creative Arts:

Arts and crafts, Dungeons and Dragons, photography, nature art, stage makeup, clay work, sketching, and painting.

Performing Arts:

Guitar lessons, movie making, dance, drama, improv, and singing and vocals.


English riding lessons, trail rides, horse care, and stable upkeep.


Mountain biking, high ropes challenge courses, outdoor living skills, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, rock climbing, caving, tubing, archery, and more.

Natural World:

Horizons farm, garden, and nature exploration.


Basketball, volleyball, soccer, pickleball, tennis, team sports, ultimate frisbee, yoga, and more.

Counselors should have experience working with children and expertise in the specific activities that we offer. Training is provided. Many of our counselors return to camp year after year.


Certifications are required for certain positions and must be current and obtained through a reputable, nationally recognized provider.

Aquatics Staff: Lifeguard (including First Aid and CPR) certification preferred prior to the start of camp. Water Safety Instructor (WSI) certification is preferred.

Horseback Staff: First Aid/CPR certification required.

Outdoors Staff: First Aid/CPR certification preferred.

Employment Dates:

Equestrian, Aquatics, and Outdoors:

  • June 4th, 2024 – August 18th, 2024

Performing Arts, Sports, Creative Arts, and Support Staff:

  • June 9th, 2024 – August 18th, 2024

Leadership Positions

Leadership Staff:

Our Leadership Team consists of camp professionals who are at least 21 years old and attend additional training. Leadership positions include Activity Leads, Village Coordinator, and Leadership Camp Coordinators.

Activity Leads oversee the day-to-day aspects of activities within their department (aquatics, creative arts, performing arts, equestrian, outdoors, and sports) and teach classes when needed. Activity Leads also serve as counselors and live in cabins with campers.

Village Coordinators oversee the counselors and their village. Village Coordinators live outside of cabins with campers and oversee the village as a whole. They work with other Village Coordinators to plan large-group, village, or camp-wide programs and activities. Village Coordinators are typically older, veteran staff members with considerable life experience away from camp.

Employment Dates:

  • June 2nd, 2024- August 18th, 2024

Medical Staff Positions


The medical facility at Camp Horizons is called Camper Care (CC). Camper Care staff members are vital to the well-being of our campers and staff during the summer. All members of the medical staff are expected to have compassion for our campers and staff as well as respect for the privacy and confidentiality of everyone. Our medical staff consists of RNs, EMTs, or student nurses. Our Camper Care staff is responsible for keeping our camp family healthy. Our RNs, EMTs, and student nurses have clinic hours after each meal and before bedtime to distribute medications and treat ill campers and staff.

One member of the Camper Care staff is always at CC in case of an emergency. Medical staff members ensure practices are in place to prevent medical concerns (i.e. Keeping campers hydrated!), manage and dispense medications, treat ill campers and staff, relay information between parents and doctors, handle all medical emergencies, and take campers and staff to the clinic in town when needed.

Employment Dates:

  • June 9th, 2024 – August 18th, 2024

Employee Compensation

Camp Horizons pays staff members a weekly salary based on an employment contract signed by the employee before the summer begins. Each staff member has a base salary with additional pay based on certifications and previous years worked at Camp Horizons.

Base Salaries

1st year General Counselors$280 per week base salary
1st year Equestrian Counselors$290 per week base salary
1st year International StaffCompensation is determined by the agency that coordinates your visa
Activity Leads/ Leadership Camp Coordinators$345 per week base salary
Camper Care Staffstarts at $350 per week base salary
Head Counselors$375 per week base salary
Directorscommensurate with certifications and experience

 Additional Pay

  • First Aid / CPR: $5/week
  • WFA: $5/week
  • Lifeguard: $15/week
  • WSI: $15/week
  • WFR: $10/week

Staff Training

All staff members are required to attend and complete Camp Horizons Camp Staff Training. This intensive one-week training covers 7 days and approximately 90 hours, and is designed to ensure every staff member is prepared for success in their summer position. We cover various topics related to youth development (developmental characteristics of campers, dealing with homesickness, managing behaviors, etc.), our own policies & procedures (related to safety & risk management, activity/class expectations and curriculum, leading programs, etc.), and of course plenty of fun and teambuilding (after all, it IS camp!). You’ll also get to know all of the other staff members, settle into your cabin, and prepare your program or activity area for campers.

During Camp

Time Off:

All staff members receive 24 hours off each week (excluding the first and last weeks). In addition, staff receive time off each day to relax, take care of personal matters, and to socialize with their co-workers.


Staff can easily send and receive snail mail here at camp such as letters, postcards, and packages. Staff members may use our computers to send and receive emails during their time off. Our wireless internet system also allows for use of personal laptop computers in designated areas during time off. Cell phones may be accessed and utilized during time off as well.


As part of your employment contract, we agree to provide you with three meals per day during camp sessions, as well as an evening snack. We provide a good variety of nutritious foods that accommodate most tastes and food allergies. There is a vegetarian option available at each meal for staff and campers who have declared to be a vegetarian on their health form. If you have specific dietary needs, please share those needs during the hiring process.

Living Accommodations:

Staff members live in cabins with campers. All cabins have electricity, and most have ceiling fans. Bathrooms are either attached to the building, or a short distance away. Food is not allowed in cabins, but staff members may store personal snacks in the designated areas. Pets are not allowed. 


Staff laundry is done once a week, in our laundry facility, by our housekeeping staff.

International Staff

International staff members are an integral part of Camp Horizons! We have employed staff from all over the world… Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America! International staff members are only eligible to work at Camp Horizons if they have obtained a legal working visa for the United States of America. To this end, we hire international staff through several reputable international staff recruitment agencies that are prepared to supply you with the necessary information you need to apply for an American summer program. We work with the following staffing agencies:

Ready to Apply?

It’s easy to apply to be a part of the Camp Horizons family. Whether you want to be a counselor, an intern, or another support position, a summer at Camp Horizons is a memorable experience for people from all over the world. Please read all of the information in the Employment section prior to submitting an application. We only hire international staff through staffing agencies (see “International Staff” section). How does the application process work?

  • Submit a staff application and a minimum of two completed reference forms.
  • Once we receive these we will screen and review your application.
  • Selected candidates will be offered the opportunity to interview. We prefer for all interviews to occur in person or via Microsoft Teams, but we may conduct phone interviews in extenuating circumstances.
  • Once a decision has been made, we will notify you by phone or email. If we have decided you are a good fit and you have successfully completed the required background checks, we will extend a formal position offer.

Helpful Hints: Apply as early as possible to ensure the position you want is still available, and make sure all paperwork/forms are completed and legible. Your reference forms should be completed by someone you have worked for, have volunteered with, or been a student of. Good references are teachers, coaches, volunteer supervisors, or work supervisors. A reference should be able to judge your character and abilities to work with children and others. Please do not send a reference from another student, a family member, or friend.

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