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Build Your Own Camp!

The Explorer Program is designed to give older campers a chance to build the summer of their dreams. Mountain biking? Sure. Kayaking, photography, and horseback riding? Absolutely. Whatever your passion, Camp Horizons offers a wide variety of on-camp and off-site activities so that your days are filled with fun! Stay a few weeks, try a whole world of exciting new activities, and make friendships that will last a lifetime!

* In order to be offered, classes require an enrollment minimum of four campers. Enrollment numbers will vary from session to session.

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Summer and swimming go hand in hand. We provide ample opportunities for our little campers to get wet and wild under the watchful eye of our highly trained team.

water aerobics
Water Aerobics

(4th period only) Like fun in the water AND fitness?

beach ball
Water Games

Enjoy classic pool games!

water polo
Water Polo

Catch and throw with one hand and become a swimming master!


Camp gives kids a chance to experience nature in a newfound way. Our 300-acre property is the perfect environment to explore the wonders of the natural world.


Be like Robin Hood and shoot a perfect arrow!

rock climbing
Climbing Elements

Learn the skills of climbing on our ropes course and climbing wall!

rope climbing

(4th period only) Great for all experience levels, we provide all the equipment necessary to enjoy a day fishing at our lake!

rope climbing
High Ropes Challenge

A camp favorite, traverse our cable bridges while being 30 to 40 feet up in the air! Finish with a Zip Line to the ground.

day hiking

(4th period only) Get outdoors and hike our many wooded trails in our 300-acre property adjoining the Washington National forest.


Learn the skills of kayaking on Lake Phillipa!

mountain biking
Mountain Biking

Travel the miles of mountain biking trails on our 300 acres! Knowing how to ride a bike is a prerequisite.

Outdoor Living Skills

Interested in becoming the next Bear Grylls? Learn about fire building, shelter building, and more with our Outdoor Living Skills class!

Outdoor Survival Skills

Campers will go over the importance of shelters for surviving in the wilderness. They will then spend the week building a shelter to protect themselves from the elements. On Thursday night they will make a snack over the fire and sleep in their shelter.

mountain biking
Pump Track

( 4th period only) Campers will use our BMX bikes to go around the pump track.

paddle boarding
Stand Up Paddle-Boarding

(4th period only) Campers will learn how to paddle-board and then paddle around the lake, play games, and do relay races on paddle-boards.

Performing Arts

It's time to take center stage. Whether your child was born to perform or has a bit of stage fright, our performing arts class will give them a chance to shine in a supportive setting where fellow campers and counselors are their biggest fans.

A Capella

Together with the other campers in the class the group will pick a song to perform together in the talent show. They will spend the week practicing and growing in their skills.


Learn the fundamentals of dancing and perform your routine at the Talent Show!

drama theater

Become a world-class actor with Drama games and present your skit at the Talent Show!


This class is appropriate for beginner or intermediate campers. Beginners will learn the basics or guitar while intermediate players will hone their skills. They will have the opportunity to perform what they have learned at the Thursday night talent show.

drama theater

Try your hand at comedy in this off the cuff activity.


Warm up those pipes and sing!

Science and Technology

These diverse classes give campers a variety of endeavors to choose from, including caring for animals to experimenting with slime.

Book Club

(4th Period Only) Campers will have free time to read a book they bring with them or one from our collection. They may also have group discussions about books or write their own. This is a great class for campers who want to have time to relax and read a book or for campers who enjoy talking with friends about their favorite reads.

d20 dice
Dungeons and Dragons

During this fantasy, tabletop role-playing game campers will create a character and work together to solve dilemmas, engage in battle, and gather treasure. It’s a very popular class!


While at the garden campers will learn about growing plants, what soil is needed, what bugs are good or bad for the plants, how to harvest, and will get to try different herbs and vegetables. They will also make their own tea!

horizons farm
Horizons Farm and Garden

Take care of and learn about our farm animals and garden!

movie making
Movie Making

Be the next Oscar winner! Make a movie with your friends and become a star!

chemistry tube
Wacky Lab

Enjoy a new science experiment every day, like slime and rockets, and become a mad scientist!


Learning the fundamentals of teamwork and good sportsmanship are far more important than winning. Counselors will guide children through a variety of sports experiences, such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, frisbee, and more.


Become the next LeBron James or Britteny Griner!

Beach Volleyball

Bump, Set, Spike!!


( 4th period only) Campers will play a variety of dodgeball games.

Frisbee Sports

Learn how to throw and catch frisbees as well as the rules for the fast paced games of Frisbee Golf and Ultimate Frisbee.


(4th period only) Two teams take on the diamond in this recess classic! 

Net Sports

Practice your skills on the tennis and badminton courts!

soccer ball

Become the next FIFA World Cup player!

baseball and baseball bat
Team Sports

Enjoy a new sport every day!


Relax and enjoy soothing music while you learn some yoga moves!

Visual Arts

When it comes to creativity, the sky is the limit. Kids can dive into a variety of arts and crafts, from learning the basics of drawing to making their own tie-dye creation.

Arts and Crafts

Painting, Drawing, Tie-Dye, Crafting, and More!

clay work
Clay Work

Create a variety of art from plates to decorative pieces, mugs, and even jewelry.

digital photography
Digital Photography

Use digital cameras and learn Photoshop tools to make great art!

Knitting and Weaving

(4th period only) From scarfs and mittens to decorative hangings, campers love learning how fun and versatile knitting and weaving can be.

Maker’s Space

Campers will be given the freedom to create whatever they would like during this time. There will be pre organized crafts/ projects for campers to choose from or they may use supplies and create from their own ideas.

art canvas

Campers will be taught different sketching techniques and work on their skills throughout the week.

drama theater
Stage Makeup

Campers will be taught many ways stage makeup is used. They will spend the week practicing their skills on themselves and others in the class transforming from fairies to zombies and more by learning the application of stage makeup

Additional Options for Explorer Campers



$50, half-day

A half-day trip to a local wild cave. It’s dark and muddy… what else would you want?!


Canoe Trip

$50, half-day

A half-day trip down a class I-II section of the Shenandoah River. Learn basic river reading, canoe strokes, and river safety skills while navigating the whitewater!

girl ziplining

Canopy Tour

$110*, full day

Campers zip through the lush forests of the Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center by way of 12 zip lines, three sky bridges, and a 40-foot rappel! Campers must weigh between 70-240 pounds.

horseback riding

Horseback Lessons

$150 for 1 week, 5 hours

Camp Horizons owns its own horses and provides English horseback riding lessons. Campers will learn basic horse care and riding skills, including both ring and trail riding. All necessary equipment — helmets and boots — are provided. Campers must wear long pants and closed-toe shoes with heels while riding.

horseback riding

Horseback Trail Ride

$40, 1 hour

See Camp from a totally different perspective on a 1-hour scenic trail ride through Camp Horizons’ property. Saddle up your horse and giddy up!

campers scubadiving

Padi Discover Scuba Diving

$150, full-day

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to breathe under water? Campers learn the basic safety guidelines and skills needed to dive under the direct supervision of a PADI Professional. Includes a supervised open water dive in a local private quarry in the Shenandoah Valley


Rock Climbing

$50, full day

Crimpers. Slab. Belay. Smear. Crank. Brake. These are all terms you might hear on this off-site climbing trip to a local climbing area with amazing views. Rappel and climb on the 80 foot rock faces!

campers tubing

Tubing Trip

$40, half-day

An Explorer favorite and storied tradition! Travel by Camp Horizons’ bus to a local section of the Shenandoah River for a relaxing trip down this beautiful stretch of river. Enjoy the relaxation of the flat water and the exhilaration of the class 1 rapids!

via ferrata

Via Ferrata

$110*, full day

Campers climb to incredible heights and enjoy spectacular views on this exhilarating guided climbing experience at our sister organization, Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center in West Virginia. Campers must be 13 to climb.


* Fees for all off-site trips include transportation, all equipment, guides, and supervision by Camp Horizons’ staff.
** Refer to Camp Extras Weekly Schedule to avoid booking activities that occur on the same day.

*2021 Update* We are waiting on further instruction from The ACA and CDC in order to finalize our 2021 COVID-19 policy.  This may impact off-site trips. Please read our full statement of policy and procedure updates.

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