Swap Shop Plans Are Here!

We are so excited that camp is just around the corner and have some exciting news – our new Swap Shop platform is here and easier than ever. Please read this email in its entirety as this is a new process.


  • Log into your parent dashboard by clicking here
  • Select “Enrollment” on the left hand side of your window
  • Choose your camper and select “Purchase additional options for 2023”
  • Scroll halfway down the page until you see the following box:


  • Select the amount you would like to give your camper. Please note if you have multiple campers you will need to do this for each of them
  • Click “Save and Continue” and choose your payment option: adding the charge to your account balance, or pay the amount now
  • You are all set! We will upload these funds into our Swap Shop and during the first Free Swim, your camper will be able to use their money!
  • Please note: funds should be uploaded by June 1st.

Unlike previous summers, Camp Horizons will not be issuing refunds of remaining Swap Shop (camp store) balances.  As you add to your campers Swap Shop account, please be mindful of the amount that you upload. These funds are used at free swim to purchase items like ice-cream, sports drinks, t-shirts, stuffed animals and more. The average daily expense per camper is generally between $3.00- $7.00. Parents can also add more once their camper is on-site as the session progresses in the event that it’s needed. Our team will upload any new funds every Wednesday before 3 pm.


Each year Camp Horizons partners with organizations to bring kids to camp that would not otherwise have the opportunity. Balances left unused will be used toward those programs in a thoughtful way to offer more children a meaningful camp experience.