Camp Horizons Testimonials & Feedback

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Camper Feedback

What areas did our campers say they grew the most?

  • Ability to make friends
  • Willingness to try new things
  • Detachment from technology

93% of campers rated their overall Camp Horizons experience as “Good” or “Excellent”

93% of campers rated our activities as “Good” or “Excellent”

95% of campers rated our staff as “Good” or “Excellent”

Camper testimonials about staff:

  • “My counselor made my summer AMAZING. She is like a best friend, big sister, and overall great person, but she still kept me in check. I look up to her because of how great a person she is. She made this session unforgettable!”
  • “My cabin counselors helped me feel very at home and felt a lot like my friends more than my counselors (which is a good thing 😊)”
  • “In net sports my counselor kept the class calm and controlled. He was an awesome teacher who was very kind and patient.”
  • “When I was scared of bugs she helped me find a way around it.”


Parent Feedback

What areas did parents say they witnessed the most growth in their campers?

  • Independence
  • Confidence
  • Willingness to try new things

98% of parents said the Camp Horizons camper experience “met” or “exceeded” their expectations!

Parent testimonials about staff:

  • “My daughter loved her horse back riding instructors.”
  • “His counselors truly took him under their wing. Our son bonded with them in a lovely way which was such a gift for him.”
  • “The girls always speak very highly of their counselors. It’s hard to single anyone out because everyone is so outstanding.”


General Parent Feedback

“Camp continues to be one of the most important experiences in our children’s lives and in the life of our family. Our girls just can’t wait to get back to camp, where they feel most at home and most able to be themselves. I know how much work goes into creating this kind of environment, and we appreciate everyone who works so hard to make the summer so special. We are so delighted to be a part of the Camp Horizons family, and we can’t wait to come back next summer.”

“Thank you for such an amazing camp experience. We can’t wait to come back next year and have three friends who would like to come too!”

“This was a great first sleep-away camp experience for my son. He really enjoyed it and cried on the way home that he missed Fred (the horse.) He asked me to write Fred’s name on the back of his green CH tee shirt. We are very happy with his experience, the camp facilities, and everything overall. He has already said he wants to go back for two weeks next year. So glad he was able to have this experience – Thank you for creating such a fulfilling and engaged camp and for keeping him safe.”

“It was our first year and I was nervous about our kiddos being gone for a whole week. I better get used to it because they want to go for two weeks next summer. 😊 Thank you for all the hard work to keep our kiddos safe and expanding their horizons!”