Types of Camps for Kids

types of camps for kids

Summer camp is a great option when you want your child to do something fun and exciting over the summer. They’re an excellent way to enrich kids’ lives while growing and learning outside of school.

If you’re searching for a camp for your child, you’ve probably noticed the many options available. In this guide, we’ll break down the different types of camps your child could attend based on their interests.

The Different Types of Camps for Kids

Before you determine which camp your child will attend, it’s essential to know the two main types of camps that are typically available during the summer — day and sleep-away camps.

Day camps are programs with operation hours similar to schools. Parents typically drop off their kids in the morning then pick them up in the afternoon or evening. At day camps, campers can participate in many different activities and make new friends.

Sleep-away camps also let campers engage in fun opportunities and meet new people. Instead of going home each day, campers will stay overnight, giving them more chances to participate in activities, build relationships, gain confidence and independence, and enhance their skills. Your child will benefit from attending a sleep-away camp and return home as a new person.

5 Types of Summer Camps

Now that you know about day and sleep-away camps, you can determine the type of camp your child will want to attend. Many camps have themes or concentrations to help campers learn more about their interests and develop their skills. Learn more about five popular camp types your child could attend.

1. Traditional Summer Camps

Traditional summer camps offer various activities to give campers new experiences. Many camps feature activities involving the outdoors, creative arts, performing arts, and more. They help expand campers’ knowledge of a wide range of interests and encourage kids to be more well-rounded. If your child enjoys learning new things and staying active, a traditional summer camp could be a great option.

2. Academic or Technology Summer Camps

If your child has a passion for technology, an academic or technology summer camp will help them learn more about their interests and start building connections for their future. Academic and technology camps typically specialize in programs with themes, such as:

  • STEM
  • Robotics
  • Architecture
  • Gaming
  • Fashion
  • Space
  • Aviation
  • Engineering

When your children attend a camp tailored to their interests, they can begin determining what they want to do with their future. Academic and technology camps provide significant educational enrichment for children to help them improve their skills and focus on their goals.

3. Travel and Expedition Camps

If your child loves exploring outside, travel and expedition camps are the perfect way to challenge them with new opportunities. Depending on the location, many travel and expedition camps include activities in different outdoor domains, like kayaking, biking, backpacking, and more. Your kid will go on adventures and create unforgettable memories as they travel outdoors. Your child’s lessons and experiences during camp will help them feel confident and empowered to continue exploring as they grow older.

4. Arts and Performance Camps

Arts and performance camps are wonderful ways to help your child express themself and embrace creativity. If your child loves dancing or writing, an arts or performance camp can be the perfect way to hone their craft and engage in what they love with fellow artists during the summer. Many types of camps are available for creative campers, including:

  • Musical theater
  • Dance
  • Singing
  • Acting
  • Art
  • Music
  • Writing
  • Circus

Summer camp can be the creative outlet your child needs. They’ll improve their skills and discover new talents while making friends and memories. Arts and performance camps will also help campers explore outside of their comfort zones.

5. Sports Camps

When your child lives, sleeps, and breathes sports, attending a sports camp during the summer can help them improve their game and take them to the next level. Sports camps typically offer similar routines to traditional camps with a focus on several athletics or a particular sport. Kids who attend sports camps will learn new skills and tricks to improve their performance for the next season. They could also potentially network with colleges and professional recruiters.

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