What Is a Sleep-Away Camp?

What is a sleep-away camp? 

If you’re thinking about sending your kids to summer camp, you’ve probably come across the idea of sleep-away camps. What is a sleep-away camp, and why is it popular summer activity for kids? These camps are programs that involve campers living away from home for an extended time to engage in different activities.

In this guide, we’ll break down what it’s like to camp away from home to help you and your child understand what to expect of sleep-away camps.

What to Expect From Sleep-Away Camps

Overnight summer camps provide excellent opportunities and experiences for your child. At camp, kids will make new friends, enhance their talents, and pursue new interests. Before signing up for a camp program, it’s vital you and your child know what to expect from the camp. Check out some of the exciting advantages of attending a sleep-away camp.

1. Community Building

Camps bring kids of all ages together to learn and have fun. Many activities are designed for groups, helping children connect with peers and learn to work in a team. Community and group bonding is vital at camp, so many programs will center schedules around themes of teamwork. 

If your child is shy or prefers alone time, it’s important to discuss camp expectations with them so they’re prepared for meeting new people. At the end of the program, your child will have long-lasting friendships and a community that supports them.

2. Fun and Learning

Your child can expect to make many fun memories during their time at camp. Many sleep-away camps provide a healthy mix of learning and fun, often ensuring all learning opportunities are valuable lessons. Your kids will have many chances to embrace their creativity through arts and crafts, performances, music activities, and more. They’ll also learn how to be team leaders and collaborate through lessons, classes, field trips, and activities.

Depending on the camp program’s focus, your child could also learn more about their unique interests and improve their skills.

3. Busy Schedules

There’s never a dull moment at camp. Your child’s schedule will be full of activities, events, and more every day. Kids can expect to begin their days early in the morning and end sometime in the evening. When you let your child know how busy they’ll be, they’ll get excited about the program and what’s coming next.

4. Living in Cabins

Attending camp with dozens or hundreds of other campers will require cabin-style living. Many sleep-away camps put several campers and a couple of counselors in a cabin for the session duration. For some children who have their own rooms at home, living with other people for the first time may take some getting used to, but they can approach the experience like it’s a giant sleepover.

Living with other people will help prepare your kid for college, roommates, or different situations that involve sharing the bathroom and living spaces.

5. Diversity and Inclusivity

Many camps are open for all people to attend and ensure inclusive activities are available for everyone. Meeting the diverse group of people who attend camp can help kids learn about other cultures and celebrate uniqueness. Diversity and inclusivity at summer camps are essential to ensure people have opportunities they can’t find anywhere else. 

At Camp Horizons, we value diversity and inclusivity. We have a large population of international campers and counselors who spend time with us. Additionally, we ensure the programs we create are inclusive for the appropriate ages.

What Does Sleep-Away Camp Mean for You and Your Child?

Understanding what you can expect from camp is vital sleep-away camp information. You want the best for your child, so knowing what they’ll experience helps assure you about their time at a sleep-away camp. While you and your child may be nervous about being away from each other for several days, sleep-away camps can be an excellent experience for the family. Kids learn how to be independent and deal with separation from their parents. 

Many camps value keeping campers unplugged, but there are ways you can contact your camper if you miss them, such as letters.

When your child returns from camp, you may notice they’re more confident, independent, and happy. Sleep-away camp is a wonderful way for your child to grow, learn, and make life-long friends.

Enroll Your Child at Camp Horizons

Camp Horizons is a sleep-away camp with a diverse community of campers and staff. We are American Camp Association (ACA) accredited, ensuring our campers experience the safest and highest quality programs every season. Our dedicated counselors and staff will help campers reach their full potential, individually and as team players.

You can count on Camp Horizons to provide your child with the best experience of their summer. Are you interested in signing up for a program? Complete our online form to enroll your child in a program at Camp Horizons today.

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