Why We Promote and Hold an Inclusive Camp

Take a look around. Is every person you pass on the street an exact replica of you? Of course not! Could you imagine how boring the world would be if there was no variety? Here at Camp Horizons we are open to the spectrum of diversity that our world offers. We have campers and counselors from all over the United States and the world. They are all genders, races, religions, and come from all walks of life. In short, we work hard to embrace our motto: “We are Many, We are One!”

At Camp Horizons, our campers have the chance to get to know others who haven’t had the same experiences they have, hear their stories, and become a part of each other’s lives in an environment that is fun and low pressure. On the first Wednesday of each session, we have an International Night where our staff can share with our campers the cultures they have come from and teach them about their country. Many of the presentations include activities like a Hakka from New Zealand, or traditional dances from Scotland and Mexico to name a few. It’s true that you don’t realize just how much you are learning if you’re having fun doing it.

From sharing new experiences to boldly stepping into their challenge zones together, our campers learn how to accept and work alongside one another during their two weeks here at camp. This is a skill that is not only valuable at a sleep-away camp where you are sharing a cabin and participating in activities together, but in school where you are sharing a classroom and doing group projects, and work where you are sharing an office and collaborating on ideas. In a larger context, the experiences our campers have helps to shape their worldview and their understanding that despite our many differences we have so much that brings us together. As so eloquently put by the director of our sister camp, Camp Up with People, “this experience turns places into faces.”

From the inception of Camp Horizons in 1983, we have dedicated ourselves to creating a diverse community where staff and campers grow in their understanding of themselves, others, and their place in the world. It is one of the reasons that we have closed each day of camp since 1983 by gathering together in a circle and singing:


We are Many, We are One

Brothers and Sisters, Sharing the Sun

We all Beat to a Different Drum

We are Many, We are One!